Bloody wandering spawns!

Can someone explain to me why on 1.0 setting wandering spawn is so VERY random. I mean I’m at a gas station and I walk up the street kill 5 zombies, walk around 1/2 map square down and BOOM out of nowhere 11 zombies spawn in my face. I kill them and BOOM another 15 spawn. I mean isn’t wandering spawn meant to emulate hordes? I didn’t realize hordes could teleport to the living -.-

To make matters worse I’ve stayed inside the gas station for 3 days straight and theirs a large group of zombies outside! How is that possible?! They haven’t moved for three days that’s not wandering spawn that’s programming to spawn where ever the player is ;_; it’s so infuriating to not have a safe place to be because every time you go out 16 zombie pop up :’(

Wandering spawns are rather crazy at the moment, which is why they’re disabled by default.

Crazy is a bloody understatement :confused: shame because it’s not as fun camping out in an off the road gas station when there’s static spawns :confused:

I play with wander spawns and every time i arrive at a “hord”, its just one square on the map and only one zombie in that square. And it also disappears from view on the map when i get close.

Zombie-Sempai will never notice you :frowning:

The smallest horde is one zombie, and when it spawns its last member onto the map, it stops being a horde.
You might have zombie spawn rate adjusted?

Will they EVER be fixed :’( it seems like they’ve been this way for a long time :confused: im hoping it will FINALLY be fixed in 0.D but I probably shouldn’t hold my breath :confused:

Will it be fixed in .D? Maybe/maybe not. A lot depends on how other things fall into place, when exactly we do .D, and so forth. On the other hand we have made some recent progress into some of the backend things required for Hordes 2.0, so work is still going on and (slowly) moving towards an eventual implementation.