Blood draw kit and acidic zombie

I was trying to get blood (or rather acid) from acidic zombie, but got error, something like “it doesn’t fit container”. As a result, blood draw kit is empty, but damaged (by acid).
Probably it is related to new container system, and removal of “concentrated acid” (which was made long ago AFAIK). So now I think acidic zombie contains sulphuric acid, it is heavy and a blood draw kit has a limit on mass it can hold, so 0.25 liter of sulphuric acid is too heavy for it to contain.

It was one of recent experimental versions, about few weeks from now. But I suppose the behavior is still the same.

i mean… i’d assume that the blood draw kit WOULD be damaged by acid, considering its just made out of plastic tubes. i assume in the past that this was a good way to obtain acid?

Nope, there was a fix already, it looks like some other change has broken that thing… again…

Anyway, a fix is on its way

Over a year ago (or more), when there was a generic “concentrated acid”, I was able to fill 10 liter plastic canister with concentrated acid, by using multiple blood draw kits. It was tedious, but it was one of ways to get acid.