How do you get acid from acidic zombies and ants?

I know that it is possible to get sulfuric acid from acid zombies if you draw their blood with a blooddraw kit and they leave acid instead of blood during combat and pulping. Yet when you bleed them normally via butchering all you get is tainted blood. This would seem like a oversight or is there some other way to get acid from them besides the bloodraw kit that I´m simply not aware of? (strange to find battery acid in a zombie, I would expect hydrochloric/stomach acid)

I also wondered if there is a way to get formic acid from acidic ants. You can´t bleed or draw acid from them as you just get normal mutant blood. Is there maybe some sort of acidic glands you have to cut out and process similar to how you can get formic acid from bee and wasps stings. The fact that you can get formic acid from a bee or wasp stinger is kind of strange since these enemies don´t seem to have acid apart in a small concentration in thier poisons (which are present in a separete harvestable gland) while the ants seem to contain very high concentrations of acid given that it is stong enough to seriousely damage and burn your skin.


I got to bleed acid from them before but maybe something changed? Have you tried having a blood draw kit in you person while bleeding them?