I found out how to win

I figured out that if you take off the basket of a shopping cart, you can mount a machine gun on it. Boom, fully mobile firing platform.

Sounds like features working as intended.

Now motorize it, install robot controls, automate the turret, and send it in to deal with mobs of zeds from afar!

I did this with a mounted crossbow. Ended up being the reason I stopped using blazemod, as it was simply too ridiculously effective to continue. I was sniping hulks from thirty tiles away with it.

Put an A7 and a storage battery on it (or a gas tank, a matching engine, a truck battery, and a truck alternator), and you can keep the basket on it (or a cargo carrier), though it does start to get a bit heavy…

… and my suggestion is all vanilla base game, and still just as awesome/silly (ok, at least close).

So basically pic related survivor version.

And this one for the crossbow.

Yep, pretty much exactly what I was thinking at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

irl machinegun cart.

Theres this really cool tracked, electrically driven, mobile heavy weapons platform they’re rolling out for the infantry and I can’t find a picture anywhere of it or what it’s called but the one I saw had a .50 cal on it with a spall shield. That’s what I’m thinking of, only robot!