Bionics that i would like to see, artifact containers and surgery bionics

Would it be possible to have a bionic that contains artifacts? Like you install it, it sits there.
Then you can put an artifact into it, its effects are contained and thus shielded away from you and your surroundings. Containing would require alot of power, but in turn the bionic could feed the artifact power and “unleash” the artifact on command.

A GPS bionic that reveals your map much better than a binocular would be awesome too.

A bionic that protects you against radiation would also be rather nice.

A bionic frigde would also be really cool. Install it, store perishable foods, jackshit happens to them.

A set of robotic arms would be robust as fuck, not useable in combat but perhaps make driving and shooting much easier? Give a boost in dexterity?

A combat medic bionic would also be really cool, like an internal medic drone. It patches you up while you are fighting! Administer painkillers in your inventory appropiate for the level of pain and injruies. Activating it would sedate you and fix broken limbs. It would require special catrigdes you can craft with high first aid, cooking and electronics skill or find in pawn stores, hospitals and labs.

I’d like to see a bionic that makes you happy or raises the morale pool.

CBM: Visor(?)-passive bionic, double the effectivnes of binoculars and enemy status tracker (shows health of enemy, maybe)
CBM: Artifical (Arms/Legs/Torso/Head)-passive bionic, can repair broken limbs and make them more effective, though it’s very hard to install. Decrease max HP for that limb by 10%, but also add resistant to all sorts of damage minor stat boost (arms for DEX and STR, legs for faster movement spd, torso for more STR and additional volume, head for INT and PER).
CBM: Enertainment (Already was introduced in Dino, but had only MP3)- A set of micro-dynamics in your ears, LCD (?) in eyes, some other stuff beneath your skin. while activated increases morale.
CBM: Jetpack- Increases your movement speed dramatically, but consumes energy at high rate.
CBM: Overcharge- When activated generates arc of electicity in desired direction leaving trail of electricity and exploding on impact, uses HUGE amount of electricity and is quite unstable (can hurt you when firing).
CBM: AI- You get installed prototype AI into your brain allowing you to extract info from computers at distance, hacking robots etc, but sometimes you suffer great pain when EMP strikes you (EMP grenades increases pain if explodes nearby)
CBM: GPS- your standart GPS installed in your brain and eyes, when activated uncovers some area around you.
CBM: UPS- when activated you can use it instead of UPS for powering up power armor, plasma weapons etc.
CBM: Ghost(?)- Top of the bionics, one of the most expensive bionics, was developed by scientists for miliitary, but it’s only prototype and currently highly unstable. When activated you can pass through obstacles.

I like this, it’d have to be under Neural CBM’s though.
“An electrical contraption is implanted in your limbic system, regulating electrical discharges involved with emotional cognition. Morale is more difficult to lower and easier to replenish.”