Some bionic ideas (Never mind, I'm an idiot)

I have some pretty good (in my opinion) ideas for new bionics, all which should not interfere with lore and such:

Bionic Limbs - These are full replacements for arms/legs that are straight improvements compared to your normal limbs. They’ll provide armor on the limb(s) they replace, as well as things like strength/crafting bonus for arms and dexterity/speed for legs. However, this makes your arms very much conductive of electricity, in fact creating extra damage than you normally would have from a conductive weapon. In the event you fail to install it, you have a chance to still have a distinct lack of limb. Of course, these are also rare. They also have an ‘overdrive’ ability, which uses a lot of bionic power to increase performance for a limited time, also has a cool down.

Exoskeleton - This covers the entire body (maybe not the head) and provides small amount of armor to entire body, as well as a small dexterity/strength increase.

Brain Implants - Super risky to install, but these can provide really good bonuses to the entire body, as they alter the nervous system to massively decrease the amount of pain you feel, as well as a really good intelligence and perception bonus. Like I said, super risky, they can actually give your a permanent debuff to various functions of the body since you’re directly messing with your brain and nervous system. The amount of head damage you can take is also insane, and can actually straight up kill someone with low health (Not directly hp)

Retractable claws - These give your hands the ability to extend metal claws, causing unarmed damage (maybe other damage) to increase by a considerable amount. Remember to retract your claws, since they make various actions more difficult. You also can’t activate the ability if you have gloves on.

Ion pulse - Temporarily disables nearby electronic devices and creatures. However, it also affects your own bionics as well, although not as badly.

We already have Exoskeleton in the form of the armor plating bionic, and we already have Retractable claws as bionic claws. We already have one stumpening bionic limb in the form of the fusion blaster, and we’ve got a directional EMP bionic that serves the Ion Pulse role. Synaptic accelerators and the enhanced memory banks already cover neurological mods too.

As for the bionic limbs, those sorts of modifiers with the exception of overdrive are covered by existing CBM’s, and you can get a pretty good overdrive effect already from time dilation.

Oh, well I guess I’m just a derp for not really knowing about all that. I didn’t realize those ones existed. Well, that’s nice to know.

The bionic limbs still sounds pretty good since it gives way for actual amputations in the game. If that’s ever intended, ofc.

For the overdrive, there’s not only the time dilatation, but also the hydraulic one that gives you hilarious strength while active.

The directional EMP is kinda shit and a half due to it’s crap range and the tendency of the things you’d EMP to explode. There’s a mod that adds a few bionics that has one that is better.