BioCo Mod Release

Congratulations Survivor! BioCo is rolling out their latest in post-apocalypse bionic manipulation just for you!

BioCo is a mod created for Cataclysm; Dark Days ahead with the goal of reintroducing CBM creation and manipulation, along with new tools/machinery to accomplish this. The mechanics of the mod make static bases more favourable as well, as BioCo machines must be set up locally which takes many hours and can be incredibly weightly/bulky!

You can grab the latest release here;
Latest Release

A full changelog can be found here;

A quick explanation of things/a good start guide here;
BioCo Consumer Manual


Cool beans. I’ll look into adding this to my mod in the future, with your permission.

Feel free to throw it in yer mod any time ya want o/

@Poragon I made a PR on your mod to fix a small loading error, I don’t know if you’ll see it though.

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