Give speed bonus to vehicles with muscle engine when using speed booster drugs

In other words, give bikes a speed bonus when you take caffeine pills, Adderall, etc.

Seeing that foot pedals use MUSCLE as fuel this would make sense, and make bikes a bit less useless.

I believe bike speed and acceleration is already largely determined by your strength, so any drugs that boost strength will likewise boost bike speed.

That said, even with 14 strength bicycle speed and acceleration is simply pathetic- it takes over a minute to reach 11-12 MPH where it maxes out. In real life I can go from stopped to 15+ in less than 30 seconds, and on a flat surface I can maintain over 30 MPH. And I definitely don’t have anywhere near what would be considered “14 strength”.

I think the bicycle was balanced around it being completely silent, but that is worth much less than it used to be. In the new days of dynamic spawn I think the bicycle deserves a serious boost to make it even worthy of consideration.

Ideally your speed on a bicycle should determined both by your strength and your current speed. That would make it strongly affected by stimulants.

Speed on a bicycle… or a bicycle on speed? X_D

@Vucar Fikodastesh: I wasn’t aware there was a bonus already. Good to know. Anyway, as you say, something should be done with bikes. Right now they are absolutely useless. Only good for a bit of silly play and spare parts.

Silent & functionally-infinite fuel, and they fit into small spaces. Comes in handy to lug a load of lumber from the logging camp to the Lab.

Agreed that they’re a bit slow to accelerate, though.

Well, you probably mentioned the only benefit of bikes. They are containers you happen to wear under your testicles.

My point was that if a silly game mechanic as making you faster by taking Adderall allows you to go warp speed, why not apply that to riding bikes also? It’d follow the same (in-game) reasoning and wouldn’t feel out of place IMO. And would make bikes useful, and not something you’ll discard 99% of the time.