Better cataclysm

better cities and downtowns:

-better houses ( 2 bedrooms etc)
-more shops (car shop, fast food, candy shop and more)
-buildings ( skycrapers, shopping mall, apartments and more)


Random Spawn according your life story


  • farm animals like cow, sheep, chicken, horse (you can ride)


-npc comes alive, walking around and killing zombies, locked in a building asking for help, hostiles groups, driving vehicles (imagina you walking on street and comes a man driving a truck and he hits you), or you can ask them to drive for you.


-its too hard driving.

OBS: SORRY FOR THE ENGLISH, im from brasil.

buildings ( skycrapers, shopping mall, apartments and more)
Everything goes into improving z-level rendering. It's possible to add this even now, but it won't be as neat as intended.
Random Spawn according your life story
System of classes should consider this too, I think.
its too hard driving.
I'm not sure it's really that hard

Buildings: I think they’re already trying to fix/redo it (from what I know, current z-level system is a bit messy).
Random Spawn: If it’s Zs spawn, Dynamic Spawn works a bit like that. If it’s player spawn, that seems a nice idea.
Too hard driving: Get 3 or 4 on Driving and no more fumble. Apart from this, I have no problem with it.

How do you get 3 or 4 driving? I drove around for a few days and only then got my first level. Does it quicken in experience gain after you get past the first level hump?

Watch your EXP level, drive around when it’s high, read books instead when it’s low.

Sorry about my poor reply. Well, when I expect to get a vehicle, I try to start with 2 levels in Driving (set on Character Creation),it reduce fumbling a lot. Ingame, you have “Top Gear Maganize” (it’s not a book, it’s a magazine, so i’ts easier to find and more enjoyable), which can train you up to lvl 1 (or lvl 3, can’t remember).

Top Gear is level 1. Even then the fumble-factor (character can’t ride a bicycle without veering all over the road) is overdone. Leveling to 4 can be accomplished but takes a while. How many people actually fight while in motion?

Just drive slowly.

Generally there’s no need to go above 40 mph, and at level 1, that means almost no fumbles.

Driving is not that much of a problem once you get used to it. From the OP I can’t tell if you mean the character driving or you controlling the character (I recently learned that you can turn and brake at the same time). Fumbleing is not too problematic if you are not a speed demon, and it also helps to stay in the center of the road (no cross traffic), even if that means driving in the dirt.

As for NPCs, they are buggy and glitchy as it is, so I dont think we are going to make them even more complex.
And farm animals, story-wise that would not make a lot of sense because who was taking care of them, say if you find a farm in late game? How did they survive when humans could not? And they would probably only be good for their meat, but even that is commonplace and Cataclysm probably does not need another source of meat.

Bicycle seems to have problems at 20 MPH, which is its max speed. Keeping it to 10 MPH may reduce the fumbles but until one gets comfortable with the differences between cruise/non-cruise driving, it’s not much better in terms of keystrokes.

Now, when I was getting the Cars out of town, yeah, I kept those around 20-30 chiefly to stay quieter and make sure I didn’t crash. I think the fastest I’ve ever gone in-Cata was 60 and that was on the open country road.

To bring it back to one of his suggestions, are multiple z-levels actually going to be put into the game at some point? I know there is the overworld, and then basement levels, but having a multi story building to clear through, or take refuge in the top floor would be pretty cool.

They’re being worked on.

Great! I’m glad to hear it.