General suggestions

  1. move cars to the side of the road. ok not realistic,but there are so many cars blocking streets, only motorcycles are real useful since I need to weave around.
  2. more roads connecting towns.has to do with spawn. there are often towns that really should be connected by roads. not sure how to change the code to do this.
  3. slightly increase bird spawns for feathers.
  4. increase zombie spawns in town. the changes made lower zombie spawns too much. its too easy. you can do more generic zombies on outskirts and more dangerous special zombies toward the center with randomness. it seems alot lower
  5. noise does not matter much anymore. been that way since static spawns.
  6. have not seen zombie necromancers in a long time .increase their spawn rate
  7. make special zombies spawn in groups near more valuable buildings (like military supply shops). possibility of 2 smokers, 3 brutes, and a few skeletons makes getting to the really good buildings better
  8. add more valuable loot in these buildings restaurants(include liquor), bars (more liquor), coffee shop (atleast something useful), church/cathedral (nothing really good here. add stuff and then make them like Hospitals and give special spawn).
  9. dynamically increase spawns as you get stronger (make adjustable in options). so the game remains challenging. when Im packing serious weapons, I want to face zombies by the 100s.
  10. zombies need to swarm more. have them move in packs. its too easy to lure 1 out by himself and kill them one at a time.
  11. blobs are too easy. shouldnt i need fire of some sort to kill these? I can waste them with a machete with 7 torso encumbrance and 5 melee and dodge. way too easy.
  12. significantly increase the zombie spawns at: Military Bunker/Bases, FEMA camps, Prisons (5x increase, but add more goodies), Hospitals, Megastore, Military Surplus, Sporting Goods stores, Gun stores
  13. Make non-skill books more useful. they are useless. give more morale. Possibly add a negative trait that makes you have to read them periodically (such as porn addict for playboy)
  14. reduce your melee skill if you get surrounded. suffer a penalty. Add a skill similiar to ADOM (called courage there). This reduces the penalty when swarmed).
  15. hive animals attack in swarms (ants, bees, centipedes. no 1 at a time. they come after you en masse).

Agree with 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,13,15.

  1. Actually, if they still have wheels, it isn’t exactly difficult to pop the brake and wheel away the car. It would just be slow. Much more efficient to ram them aside with your death mobile like you currently can.
  2. Be loud in a big city or swamp.
  3. Agreed. Haven’t seen a single one since I first started playing
  4. This is a roguelike and, much like with most roguelikes, it doesn’t have a mega powerful engine. Too many mobs on screen will cause massive slow down, even on higher end pcs.
  5. Sleep next to a blob bunch and watch what happens.
  1. Motorcycles are kind of worst in my opinion , because if you just bump a car , it will send you flying 5 miles in all directions.
  2. Instead make zombies spawn in houses and rarely outside.
  3. No need for necromancer , they respawn naturally.
  4. Just the thought of this makes me sad. Special zombies spawning near good loot just because it’s good loot , not realistic.
  5. Meh. In my opinion end-game is the end and you are supposed to be OP as shit.
  6. Because blobs aren’t made out of goo and it takes more than a butter knife to penetrate the goo.
  7. They should have more spawns , but no need for goodies except the military bases which should have more than infinite guns and ammo.
  8. Books are fine as they are. I can’t find any drawbacks to being addicted to porn in the apocalypse.

Some of these suggestions seem like they would only appeal to a character who has min-maxed their stats…

1: Vehicles are kinda OP. I like the cars in the road, it makes you need to slow down. That is kind of the point. You are basically invincible in a truck going at 40+mph. I’ve had some pretty awesome scenarios where I needed to carefully navigate a mess of cars while zombies swarmed my vehicle. It’s awesome. Leave it the way it is. You can always bump vehicles off the road now if your vehicle is bigger, so that should be fine.

2: I’d like to see fewer roads but more sensible roads. So yeah. Sometimes you see two towns in relative close proximity and the only way to get between them by road is to drive way the heck out in the middle of nowhere, when they should sensibly be connected. But I’d also like to see improvements to road generation in general, make fewer weird dead-end roads or redundant roads. And I’d like to see highways that are much longer and connect huge swaths of the map. Right now they are all flavor and not much different from regular roads in how they are generated.

3: Sure. Or just make birds drop more feathers.

4: I actually want them to improve zombie AI before tweaking numbers. The number of zombies is pretty high it’s just that they’re dumb so they are easy to exploit. If we can get roving packs of varying sizes and slightly smarter zombie behavior, and things still feel a bit weaksauce, then we can up the spawn numbers. Also when we have Z levels and can start getting larger cities with bigger buildings where higher density would be expected, then we can make the cities have higher zombie populations, and leave the ruralish towns the way they are.

5: They’re going to be implementing stealth in the future, so I imagine that noise will become more of an issue for those who don’t use stealth.

6: I haven’t seen them either. I think spawning them more often in/around churches and cathedrals and graveyards (why no graveyards?) would be interesting.

7: I was with you on this until woflsipder commented that it was unrealistic. I’d tend to agree. I think zombies should be most dangerous around places of high population density and also places where science/radiation has played a part. For other places where there is valuable loot, I feel like other options would be preferable. Like the pawn shop can be a pain to break into because of eyebots etc. Military outposts have turrets. Soldier zombies could be buffed a little bit. Zombies in riot gear could be buffed a little and placed in certain locations where they’d be likely. Special zombies and numbers of zombies aren’t the only way we can make areas challenging to loot.

8: Loot spawns could be more interesting across numerous locations, I agree. But I’d also like to see more locations where loot is maybe not the most interesting thing about the areas. Kinda like radio towers. There’s plenty of structures that could be in the game for flavor and perhaps as options places to set up a safehouse, but otherwise aren’t that interesting to loot.

9: I think this would make a great Option in the Option menu. :wink: Most of my characters are geeks and don’t get much stronger so much as they get more settled.

10: Agreed, and goes back to point 4.

11: Are blobs supposed to be hard? maybe they’re not. I dunno, I think their relative weakness may be made up for by other factors…

12: Same as in 7. Though increasing spawns at certain locations does make sense, like FEMA camps. I imagine there were a lot of people at camps like these.

13: I think if/when the preferences system goes in, it might be more valuable to find books that your character likes.

14: Fighting numerous attackers is always harder than fighting one at a time. I think that perception and melee skill could play into this. Characters with higher perception are naturally better able to keep track of various enemies. Melee skill would decrease the penalty to a potential 0, though with each additional combatant it would get harder to reduce the penalty to 0.

15: Yeah, hopefully this would be changed with any AI improvements to zombies. It’d be nice if certain animals/monsters would notice when one of their brethren is going active and move to follow them.

Craftable knit mother#$#%#% hats.

How many times must my hobo build spend a week burning up from influenza cause he’s barricaded in the first house all delusional from alcohol withdrawal…

15. hive animals attack in swarms (ants, bees, centipedes. no 1 at a time. they come after you en masse).
This would get the whole scent/static/dynamic biased. I'm thinking of a way to bust a Fungal nest, and all the game thinks I'm announcing it over a speakerphone. Just imagine, hitting one, giant mosquito brings all of 'em strafing towards you while the spawn pool just replenishes itself. Giant Eyes for hands wouldn't get you out of that one.