Being a large Mutant and Vehicles

I know that having a mutation that makes you larger also makes you experience pain while in a vehicle, but how bad is it? Is it something that’s negligible with the proper Bionics and Mutations? Or is it something I should avoid at all costs unless I’m committed to playing a character who never drives?

Too bad I can’t just get in the back of my Deathmobile and have it robot piloted/driven by someone else, sorta like how power armor worked pre-Cataclysm. I like the idea of having a massive mutant jump out the back of a jump and scare the living crap out of the bandits who just happened to be in his gang’s territory.

I never had any problems with cars when I tried this mutation despite the description.

large and huge are different. large makes you powerfully built while huge makes you HUGE.

I’ve never had the “Large” Mutation, but I have had Freakishly Huge and Huge, which make me cramp up in Vehicles.

I can’t imagine a good reason to get rid of your ability to use vehicles, especially considering how little you can drag around even with huge amounts of strength (my current character is at 28 STR and can only lug around 1800 or so pounds using the "G"rab function. It’s not as much as it sounds if you want to carry solar panels and such).