Being able to find/make the irons

The halligan bar and the fire ax can be combined into a single unit known as the Irons, which is evidently a common setup for a lot of fire-departments to have. I have no idea how this is used, but I’d imagine that if for no other reason, this might be a userful setup to use for limiting volume, that way you can have a combined tool that can be used as is, or taken apart when needed.

(Image from an e-bay listing for a combinet set.)

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Firefighters spend a lot of time thinking about optimizing their gear and how to use it, and analogously so do soldiers. I’m not sure if we can apply this to dda though, because you wouldn’t normally carry around both of these tools in your hands, instead you might have the crowbar in a pack, and the axe in a holster (with that bare edge, the axe isn’t really suitable to stash in your inventory). If you DID carry around an irons set, you’d have to detach them, wield one, and drop the other. Then once you’re done with whatever, you’d need to reassemble the set in order to pick up both tools at once.


It might just be me then, since I usually used the axe and halligan bar together, usually stuffed in my inventory. I tend to use the axe for breaking down things, and the bar to pop open doors/crates/things.

It could be an activate function, which wouldn’t be too bad. At least for me, I can use the binds quickly when it comes to holstered items. So an activate either straight from inventory, or an activate when attached to a belt, isn’t too cumbersome to me. A big thing would be the reduction in volume, since I like to horde.

You don’t use them stuck together and it doesn’t save space. It’s just a rapid deployment measure for tools often used in conjunction with each other so you can carry them in one hand to wherever you need to use them.

I don’t think DDA would benefit from a The Irons recipe.

However, if it’s even possible… a general “bundle items together” function would be cool for carrying (Weilding) numbers of bulky items in your hands.