Bees Ignore Armor When Stinging

Currently roaming around in full Heavy Survivor getup, reinforced with leather and kevlar across every inch of my body. Coverage is 100% on every body part and durability is maxed out; minimum piercing damage defense is somewhere around 30. And yes despite this, every single bee that I have been hit by has proceeded to poison me, provided that I did not parry their attack or otherwise dodge. Every strike that isn’t countered somehow bypasses my armor and poisons me, usually in my torso. I’ve seen a few leg hits too.

I can put my sword down and kick a zombie bear until it stops moving and duke it out with a moose with my bare hands just with this armor, and I’m almost positive that I’m completely impervious to low caliber firearms. Unless bee stingers are tipped with anti-matter then I’m going to have to report this as a bug. If I can take the entire ammo cache of a 9mm turret then I think I should be impervious to bee stings, regardless of how oversized they might be.

Edit: I’ve noticed that none of the strikes themselves did any damage nor caused any pain, but the poison effect was still applied. Methinks there’s something screwy with the game deciding whether an attack should inflict poison or not; last time I checked, no pain/no hurt meant I’m not actually getting stung.

Also I have noticed strange things happening involving the Thin Skinned perk. I have a sneaking suspicion that the two are either related somehow ro entirely different issues; either way, I’m walking around in bulletproof armor and I’m getting slowly chopped up by dogs and cougars and other things I happen to know use cutting type damage in their attacks. I suppose this would be barely noticeable normally but I’m literally bulletproof and I’m getting nibbled slowly to death by dogs and bees. The dots do not connect here. I shouldn’t be having nearly as much trouble as I am. It’s like they bypass my armor.

I don’t know if there is any pain being delivered from the damage, and my character has pain resistance anyway so I don’t know how to gauge it. I just know stuff isn’t how it should be right now.

Yeah, it must be thin skin. It was implemented incorrectly and it always lets a single point of damage through, unless you have mutated skin like scales.

Due to bad balancing (having lots of much weaker “bad traits” to choose from) some traits aren’t tested well. Thin skin is one of those.

Will fix (should be really easy)

Well the bees don’t do damage, they just inflict poison on me. I’m wondering if maybe the checks/whatever are slightly out of allignment when deciding what happens when blows get delivered, because if I didn’t parry or dodge it was a guaranteed poison with no damage done by the hit itself.

You sure they don’t scratch you for 1 damage? 1 damage can easily be too little not to show on the hp bar.

Because poison getting through armor would be a totally different bug from thin skin letting that 1 point through of cutting damage through armor.

I’ll test both, but I can’t promise I will find the bee bug if it is separate from the thin skin one.

FWIW, I had similar problems with poison stings from Fungal Fighters playing 0.C. I was wearing a set Rivtech armor that made me entirely immune to turret smg fire when I had it activated, but the Fighters still managed to poison me regularly.

Took off thin skinned and I’m the juggernaut I ought to be. Versus melee anyway. Got punched by a Hulk and just sorta…didn’t give a shit. It was nice.

Gonna go piss off some bees in a second here.


Poison issue is completely gone. If the bug with Thin Skin works like you said it might then that’s probably the case and I just wasn’t seeing any pain because of Pain Resistance. NOW I can go murder that anthill! Just had to debug a haywire trait off is all.

I noticed it too when reading in the code that bees dont check for coverage nor for thickness of armour, both things that should affect the frequencies with which you’'re being stung when in a bee-field. As it is, (regular) bees are fairly rare though, so not many people had to experience this yet.

That’s what you call a tautology.

It’s intentional, they’re treated as an environmental hazard rather than as an attack.