Been gone a...few years? in terms of updates... Whats changed that I should be aware of?

I looked at a simple table and got a crafting option. Do tables increase craft speed now?
Don’t believe I’ve done anything but check the forums since .D

LOVE the new HUD awesome job on that.
The Halloween Start page is nice too.
Crouch for quieter movement is now a thing NEAT!
Thats about all Im aware of. Can’t wait to try it

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I tend to come back every six months and there’s enough updates to catch up on - a few years would make my head spin.

I think all the things you mentioned have only been introduced since 0.D (released March this year), so the change log for that should help:

Since then there’s been a lot of work on the player faction bases and NPCs in general, radio contact with followers, new lab types (I think the overground research facility was post 0.D?), mutagen now requires expert lab equipment, “hunger” is based on stomach contents rather than the over all calories, pet armor for dogs (and horses?), rideable horses…One small but brilliant addition is that climbing to high points will give you a much larger view of the map (radio towers are your friend)

Reddit has weekly changelogs which is nice:

Huge thanks man.

Didn’t think about rechecking the .D log. That makes so much sense now that I think about it.

Yeah, it’s pretty nice, especially when paired with the ability to stop a craft and continue it later.

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Yeah. Definitely having the ability to keep partial crafts has been amazing. Makes forging much less of a nightmare since you can stop working, grab a bite, take a nap, snort some coke, and keep on trucking.

migo’s have become even more terrifying, i’m pretty sure turrets don’t give off light anymore, some martial arts have been buffed and nerfed (Dragon Kung fu was nerfed and Tai Chi was buffed if i can remember.)

Yo litpunk, welcome back lol