Beam.Pro Intergration

Hey question for the coding people out there any one know how hard it would be to do beam integration for movement or spawning monsters nearby?

No idea what you’re talking about. Link or something?

Its some streamer chat integration system.

Anyhow, CDDA isn’t Java based, so hooking into the game to allow sensible monster spawning would require some work to build up something for the two to actually talk with. Movement wise, could probably just falsify input, but the Cata approach of “declare intent, declare direction for intent” for most actions would make it even harder to actually use than when twitch tried to play Pokemon.

You would need to integrate a client for their protocol into the game, it looks fairly straightforward as network protocols go, but they don’t have a c++ client library, so you’d possibly be implimenting one of your own.
On top of that you’d have to integrate it into our event loop, which again is probably not that hard, but it would be an entirely new direction for the code.