0.C-5721 Can't eat batteries with Battery System CBM

Noticed the problem in 5720, upgraded to 5721 and removed and installed the CBM again, and batteries still aren’t coming up in my consume list when I toggle the CBM on. I checked it in vanilla and made sure I had a power capacity >0, if that matters.

Do you have any power storage?

I came here to post this bug, so I can confirm. Using latest experimental (5784).

It’s easy to test, just start the game as an industrial cyborg. You start with 260 power storage and battery system already installed.

You used to be able to eat batteries (and car batteries, which is the only thing that actually makes it somewhat useful compared to other power bionics). The option is no longer there, whether the system is on or off, in normal inventory, advanced inventory, or using “E”.

Can confirm bug.

It’s the only energy consumpion cbm that doesn’t function.

Additionally, cable charger is woefully under powered.

Yeah, the cable charger should probably be rolled into the battery system. The battery system replicates its functionality anyway, the cable charger just saves you the bother of disconnecting the car battery first.

That said I hope whichever dev reads this doesn’t interpret this as a call to nerf the battery system…