Basements turned into sheer drops?

After finally making a good mobile vehicle, I decided to revisit some of the first old houses for any useful loot that I left behind. For some reason, the basements in these houses that were normal before turned into sheer drops now. Do basements eventually become like this after being left alone for a long time?

In any case, I decided to take a risk and drop down into one. The old stairs turned into concrete blocks, but there was a rope that I could use to climb back up. No problem, I thought.

But the next old house with a basement that also turned into a sheer drop, I dropped down and discovered there was no rope leading back up. Is this basically a death sentence?

I remember reading somewhere that you can use long ropes to get out of these kinds of situations, and I have one but cannot seem to use it.

No, the game will decide if you will throw the rope when you fall down.

If you did not throw the rope when you fell, you are dead. Yer dead, unless you didn’t save yet.

I think it might be an error cause by using a newer experimental version compared to the one the world was created with as well. Some of the older houses I visited that had basements, have the stairs replaced by “cvd control panel” tiles and garage levers replaced with Computer Terminals (which give an error in debug when examined).

Yeah, map-conversion between save is Buggy at the moment. If you’re on the newest experimental, I’ve been hearing that the problems seem to go away if you save (may have to exit the program) and then re-load.

Thanks for reporting, though!