3 house basements so far have had sheer drop's into large pool's of magma


Curses version.

The shelter basement didn’t have the magma.

I tested two of the 3 houses by save scumming and dropping down into the magma.

EDIT: Found a basement without magma, then I died because I was heavily wounded and a skeleton was around.

Were those houses all close to each other? There could have been a magma vein in the underground map running beneath those houses.

To my knowledge, this isn’t a bug. It’s an (Unimplemented?) Feature… …I think.

It generated after the basements did, and generated over the house. It happens from time to time. It can also happen with slime pits, ant-hills, Labs, and anything else that generates sprawling compounds/areas under something that can normally generate a single tile basement.

Well after losing several characters to bad early playstyle and generating a lot of new worlds, all the basements are normal so I assume this is a freak incident.

This is why you don’t jump down sheer drops. Go down only if you’re bringing a way to get back up.

(Not a bug.)