Base of Death (and crazy)

So I had a thought while going through a mansion, "Man, it sure would be nice to make an elaborate base that looks like a place for a psychotic overlord). Like aside from being a functional base, make a large area to be completely and utterly… well, psychotic. In general though I’m not quite sure what to make to make it look evil enough. Here’s some of the ideas brewing through my head.

Corpse pit filled with death - well, basically what it says on the can. A 3x3 (or larger) pit where I dump the bodies of NPCs I encounter along the way. Just dump them there. No dignity. Flaming pit of death optional.

Closed off room filled with zombies. Carry unsmashed zombies into room. Possibly make the door metal.

Maze of death - Stone wall maze, possibly filled with traps. Lots and lots of traps.

Fire room… of death. One big room of stone. Two entrances, brazier set on each one. Rest of the room, filled with rags and maybe some gasoline. Light one square up, and fwoosh. Maybe a courtyard area, the main entrance, so it could have some function against invading hordes.

Loot traps for thieving NPCs. Living quarter areas, with a turret set, where it’s field of vision is blocked out by walls, except for a spot where it can see some loot for NPCs to steal. They move in to the spot where the loot is, turret sees, turret kills. That, or just plain booby trap the room.

Maybe some human bones in the garden area, minifridges stocked with human flesh.

Dunno, idea wise it could be an interesting project, but at the same time it could be lacking in the execution of it.

This should be in the Suggestions Tab but putting that aside I do like the ideas and it adds quite a bit of variety and interesting gameplay to the game but I dont know how NPC as they are right now can interact well enough with those ideas, NPC’s are off by default for a good reason :smiley:

There are plans (and maybe even a bounty, not sure) to make NPC less savage and reckless but most of the hardcore contributors are working on Z-Levels which is likely even harder then proper NPC’s. Good ideas though.

I’d build my base on a later playthrough, in any case. Could be fun. Might end up being somewhat functional if I lure in hordes to an extent.