Base move bug?

I started up a new character with the fleet-footed trait, and when I opened the character info screen, it told me the base move cost was 99, when I had no encumbrance. Afterwards I tried again without fleet-footed, and it told me my base move cost was 115, when I had no encumbrance, again.

does anyone know how to fix this, or what causes it?

EDIT: I think I found a fix for the bug, I still don’t know what caused it, but after putting on some perfect fit sneakers, my move speed went back to normal.

Somehow my fleet-footed upgraded to Roadrunner lately and I’m not sure if it works properly, it says 67 base movement cost and 99 or 100 speed what does thtis really mean?

Psiweapon: I don’t really know the specifics, but based on common sense, base move cost is the amount of in-game time it takes to move one spot, and speed is likely a modifier for all movements, so yes, base movement cost should be lower. Speed shouldn’t really be lower unless you have a debuff or are suffering from pain.

There is a base move cost penalty that is applied when you are not wearing any footwear at all.

oh. well, glad I know that now.

Did not know that. Dunno if somebody already put that on the wiki. But if it isn’t it should be.