Heavy shopping carts slow you down without being reflected in your speed readout

What the title says really. A cart filled with car engines etc will slow you down enough for Zeds to keep pace with you but your speed will still show as normal. I experienced this in the release candidate, haven’t updated to 0.A yet (laziness).

Dragging stuff does indeed slow you down, but not via actually reducing your speed.

What it does is increase the amount of “movement points” needed to move. So if you have 100 speed and it costs 200 movement points to drag something, you’ll miss out every other turn. If you have 100 speed and it costs 150 points to move, you lose one turn every 2 actions.

Things like padded feet and road runner decrease the required number of movement points, so it works both ways.

The “amount of time last move took” counter int he bottom right should show the correctly increased amount though, or that is a bug.

…Aaand now I now what that number is lol. Yeah, that displays a number that I would expect with a heavy shopping cart. I think it would be better represented by the general speed number though really, but it’s an odd thing with diagonals and all (might be in the minority by thinking diagonals should cost the same as other directions). It’s probably just a HUD issue, not something you can easily figure out but once it’s explained it’s like oh yeah. I’m satisfied this isn’t a bug in general, just my derpiness.

Assuming you aren’t playing with circular distances on (an option that personally I’m not a big fan of) then diagonals should cost the same as orthogonal directions.

And yeah, we should probably add a “modifiers” tab to the character screen that would be used for things like grabbed heavy objects or bare feet. The reason we don’t edit speed directly is that speed determines how fast your character is at everything. Even things like crafting times go faster if your character is faster.