Bared windows lets shots thru but not smoke, spit, gas or electric arcs

^ Presuming that these windows have glass behind the bars then it makes some sense, except for the letting shots thru without breaking and thus letting the other mentioned thru aswell. Is this working as intended or does it warrant a redesign?

Electric arcs should probably stay as they are - getting grounded and all.

I’m pretty sure gases do already spread through bars.

Spit could be changed.

I’m not sure about noxious gas but smoke for sure doesn’t. I’ve tried an experimental from today and it didn’t seem to with a smoker sticking up against a gunshop window.
And I agree on the electric bit. Hadn’t tought about that. Electric arc-able monsters should still tty to.zap you but have the arc just stop at the bars while still being visible, if so isn’t already the case.

Those are “windows with metal bars”. Metal bars don’t stop smoke, windows do.

But those same windows with metal bars seem to let shots thru without breaking and turning into metal bars, unless I’m making confusion.

For the electricity or sparks I would like to think that the metal bars act as a lightining rod of some sort.

I imagine they’re a combination of traditional metal window bars and a wire mesh reinforced glass window. If you shot through them it’d only poke a small hole through the glass due to the wire mess preventing it from shattering, thus spit would hit the glass to no effect, electricity would be redirected by the grounded bars, and any tiny holes caused by gunshots wouldn’t let enough smoke or gas through to be dangerous.