Acetylene Torch Not Cutting

I’m running the Windows experimental console build 3934, and just discovered that acetylene torches are no longer able to cut through metal barriers like doors or fences. I possess welding goggles, and you can still activate the torch such that it hisses and consumes fuel, but the object you’re targeting is never actually destroyed.

I was able to break through gun stores metal door with no problem with exact same build

Strange… Are there different types of metal doors now? I first encountered the problem while trying to slice through a military bunker basement door, but then tested it on a fence and item rack in an LMOE and neither of those could be cut either.

So this is still a problem for me in the newest experimental, but I’ve discovered it’s limited to certain doors. I can, for example, cut down a LMOE’s closed metal door without issue, but the military bunker basement doors remain impenetrable.

Maybe not a glitch. Have you seen norad? lol Those doors are literally 8 feet thick or some crazy sh!t like that XD