So I notice that banks have treasure in them now. The vaults are full of loot again.
There also seems to have been a layout change making it impossible to get to the computer that opens the vault (without demolitions). Seems to make hacking the computer a bit pointless - you’ve already had to blast your way in, so just blast into the vault as well.

Wanting to loot a vault but lacking explosives or a durable vehicle I used my go-to method and set the place on fire*. When the fire died down it hadn’t just gotten rid of the inconvenient walls, it had completely destroyed the vault too. And even smashed open the safes!
(Maybe the vault walls should be made of metal so it takes more than a bic to break in. They’re supposed to be secure after all).

  • Works great on labs too

Wont that burn possible top end cbms though?

Do cbms spawn in banks?

yes and these cbms are realy nice like time dialation

Sounds like a bug to me: bank vaults are supposed to be solid metal and should be fireproof. Probably a side effect of ceiling-collapse code: rubble overwrites vault walls or something.

Yeah, IIRC when I redid banks I made sure that the walls were made of metal, so it’s probably the rubble problem.

(PS, hacksaws are good for some non crafting things…you can get to a bank console without explosives if you have one, even!)

alslo pickaxe is nice