Balancing - Zombie stats randomness

Add randomness in Z stat. With today’s implementation you can easily estimate how bad ass / wimpy each Zd is and if you are going to beat the Zd in combat.
The Zd type should give a hint of what kind of enemy you are up against but we should add a element of surprise.
I think that it would be cool to walk up to a normal Zd, expect to easily beat it, and instead get drop-kicked with some kind of obscure Zombie martial art.
Maybe perception and weapon/unarmed combat skills can determine your ability to evaluate skills of the Zd. Maybe add a automatic “threat marker” for each Zd generated by your skills.

And thank you all devs for a fantastic game!

Having some minor variety to zombie stats would be an excellent addition to the game IMO. They should not however, have any sort of “super” abilities available to them that a regular version of the type wouldn’t have. Some warning on any that are noticeably far from average would also be useful, maybe based off perception or a trait.

Interesting topic. Not sure how hard this would be to implement though.

Got my support.