Zombie Evolution

Basically I want to see zombies get stronger over time, like every day zombies get a little more health, speed, damage and number of special zombies up to max that you could change in world edit. I think this would make bionic and mutations better as for right now they are overkill for the most part since the time you can really get good ones up your character is usually skilled/armed enough to kill a couple of hulks relatively easily.

tweaking the fighting mechanic for more challanging fights with hordes okay… addingnew interesting variants of zombies that apear maybe later okay… harder region like arround portals labs mines the nether w/e okay… but flatout increasing stats on z related to time passed no. I am not against difficulty rising but it needs to be more inspired. And i certainly have nothing against beeing overpowered for the regular z at some point. Its just gonna happen and i see no point in raising there stats just to meet your strength like in some grindy rpg where they simply change the colour of the enemy n say well here you got a stronger version of the same thing to grind on no thanks.


One idea that has been tossed around for a while is to make normal zombies occasional evolve into special zombies. The big problem the. Comes from the fact that time works weird between games, so you could end up with a new character on an old world having a really tough time because all the zombies have evolved already.

That would actually be a really cool scenario :I

We could use some more dedicated “dungeons” with gradually increasing difficulty imho.

Does anyone have inspirational ideas?

Slowly increasing strength of zombies over time doesn’t strike me as a very good idea though.

The solution for challenge seeking behavior is probably going to be hard “dungeons”.

I think somebody is making a rivtech facility with zombies wearing power armor, so look forward to that.

I’d like a horde mechanic. Zombies start moving towards you could spark zombies in neighboring tiles to move towards you without being able to see you. It’d make it so you can do a quick run in and grab, but it’d be easy to overstay your welcome.

If the “spotter” zed is a Master Zombie? Sure, I’m in favor. That’s within their scope. Shriekers kinda already do this, what with the shriek and all.