Axe Ring Holster

I made a small mod that adds a sheath-like clothing storage exclusively made for axes. Link to download below :


Pretty neat. There’s a lot of axes, maces and hammers with endgame damage status that tend to be overlooked because they never got much love from storage clothing/MA. Anyway, cool mod!

does it work with hammers and maces too?

Any mod that enhances the melee gameplay, for me it’s a good mod.

Alright, so my PR has managed to get merged. Build #10091 Experimental has this mod integrated within the main game now.


Since no one seemed to give your question the love I feel it deserves, @Ragno, I went to check that pull request and compile a list.
The short answer is: No.

The following tools/weapons can be stored in the axe ring holster (as by pull request #36521):

  • battle axe (fake)
  • battle axe (inferior)
  • battle axe
  • copper axe
  • crash axe
  • fire axe
  • hatchet
  • ice axe
  • lobotomizer
  • metal hand axe
  • pickaxe
  • stone axe
  • stone hand axe
  • wood axe

at least it covers all axes.

I notice the axe ring conflicts with the survivor harness were as the scabbard does not.

Shouldn’t the axe ring behave in the same manner as the scabbard in regard to clothing placement?