Minor weapon sheathing and clothing changes

To be honest I just wish to list a few issue’s atm that irritate me but may either be for balance or simplicity with looping or sheathing weapons and then let others post what they wish/what minor peeves that I missed

-Hatchet/ice axe only storing on fireman’s belt have you seen any bushcraft belts or a hammer loop (Also why does the rambo knife fail to butcher better than a brutal hatchet)


-Whip unable to be looped on tool belt like sling “INDIANA JONES BITCHES”

-Rock in sock unable to be looped like a sling/monkey fist/slungshot on belt loop

-Rambo/Survival knife not fitting in sheath YET CLEAVER/BUTCHER KNIFE does

-Expandable baton not storing on survivor belt/harness (It may be because it doesn’t fit in the sheath but then why does it fit on the tool belt if that’s the case…plus police belts and pepper spray should be a thing)

-Lack of craftable messenger bags/ sling packs or survivor equivalents (easy projects that are all over instructables)

-Lack of storage on jackets yet baffling storage on hoodie (which fall out easily if you own one so should have less and can be WORN EASILY UNDER A JACKET like a sweater)

-Jeans weirdly having less storage than pants ???

And that is all that comes to mind but if you have arguments against any of my minor annoyances or if you wish to add to it then feel free