Auto-tilling seems broken now

Upgraded to 9624 from 9503 and now auto-tilling appears broken. Issues:

  1. Set up a farming/plot zone. Auto-tilling with hoe (or shovel takes 3 minutes) per plot and you get spam of ‘resume task x2 or x3’ each time. Takes about a whole day in-game to do 200-300 plots. Manual tilling takes 2 secs per plot. Compare with 9503 where you could till a large area in a few hours.
  2. Set up a farming/plot zone and start auto-tilling. Starts auto-tilling 2-3 tiles away even though the tile next to me is empty (and within the farming zone). Also, sometimes I get a message ‘you’ve done all the tilling’ (or something like that) even though the tile next to me is empty and within the farming zone.
  3. The new feature that tills and plants seeds simultaneously sometimes crashes the game, losing all progress. This and issue #1 makes auto-farming irritating.