TIlling soil manually is probably too easy

So I noticed that with a hoe (or presumably shovel) it takes game-time seconds to till a tile of soil and seems to drain no more stamina than walking. That feels quite a bit too good to be true in comparison to my limited real life experiences in the (hah) field.

The hoe is very fast. It’s far, far slower with a shovel.

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Hoe is OP, got it. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have practice, its the same as in real life, although it depends on the soil too…

Wait. It turns out that the shovel is exactly as fast as the hoe. I’ve been lied to!

Also, I’m pretty sure that even the most practised hoe’er will take more than 2 seconds to do one square meter of rough turf.

What? Since when? This must be a new thing, I remember the shovel being super slow.

Could be a strength thing? I have 16 strength.

Ohhh i see the issue now, thats real fast…, even more if you assume that 1 tile is at least 1 meter

Are you playing latest experimental?

I just tried it out in build 9620 and Paul is right. It took me two seconds to till some ground with an entrenching tool and three seconds to till it with a hoe.


    if( g->m.has_flag( "PLOWABLE", pnt ) && !g->m.has_flag( "PLANT", pnt ) ) {
    p->add_msg_if_player( _( "You start churning up the earth here." ) );
    p->assign_activity( activity_id( "ACT_CHURN" ), to_turns<int>( 3_minutes ),
                        -1, p->get_item_position( it ) );

Should take 3 minutes per tile.
Something odd is happening.

[quote=“dpwb, post:11, topic:21337”]
Should take 3 minutes per tile.
Something odd is happening.[/quote]
I don’t remember seeing that message in the log. Just BAM tilled soil.

I think that was just his commentary on the issue…
Anyway, in that line of code there isnt anything that is affected by the str stat, so everything is pointing to a possible bug, or an overlook in the conversion of the turns from 6s to 1s