Auto pickup problem

Does anyone still have problem with auto pickup with the new inventory system?
Basically since release i’ve had a problem with it and even stayed on the version without that update for such a long time, i tried moving to experimental again but literally auto pickup is so buggy for me.

For example when i want to move my items to a new world with new mods, so i want to regenerate map, i use debug universe pouch, if i try to pick up an item stack it literally freezes the game for me without even allowing me to cancel task like the old inventory with the auto pickup system does.
At some point it might unfreeze or it might not, and i can’t pick up many items at once at all.

Yes, that’s still an issue, as far as I know (not only auto pickup, it effects all ways of picking up stuff).

There’s a way to get around this for a bit:

  • Spawn in a second pocket universe, but don’t wear it.
  • Pick stuff up (depending on your computer’s strength and the amount of items, only one tile or multiple tiles in one go).
  • Then open your inventory, select the pocket universe in your inventory (that you’re not wearing) and [i]nsert everything into it.
  • Picking up the next tile full of stuff should be fast(er) again.
  • After that, you either insert the next stuff you pick up again into the same pocket universe in your inventory (lag increases as it’s content grows) or spawn in a new pocket universe and insert everything into that one, with the exception of the other pocket universe(s).

At some point, there might be diminishing returns… but until then, it should speed up the process.

I managed to pick up like 15 tiles or more in one go before i had issues of it completely freezing the game. It might’ve managed to unfreeze if i waited long enough though but i didn’t have the patience.

But this inventory system makes me really worried about moving to experimental, you don’t realize how big of a hoarder i am. I even collect items just because i want to have more. I collect too much stuff and that’s part of the fun i have in the game.

I could just not move these items to experimental, and i’d be fine with that but if the inventory system has such issues, i am sure that i’ll have problems playing with experimental with how big of a hoarder i am.

I am still unsure if i want to play on the latest experimental if i can’t hoard like i usually do.

Unless i learn how to copy map tiles, i should probably try to get that to work, so i don’t end up making a city on water doing this like i did before. This probably seems like the only solution now.

Well, do you have about 3 overmap tiles full of stuff like I do (or did have… at that point I’ve generated a new world and a new character)?
Oh, yes, I’m a hoarder too. Nothing, not even a single glass shard stays behind on my loot runs…

That’s also how I found out about that workaround…
But on the good side, at least the dropping of items got fixed, as it seems (dropping huge amounts of items at once was extremely slow, even back in version 0.C).

While I did not experience any slowdowns during “normal” play, hoarding got harder in my opinion, as now you can’t just put on 10 different rucksacks and backpacks and then shove a whole car (figuratively speaking) into your inventory anymore.

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I think i have like 5 overmap tiles full of stuff but its hard to count it since its not on an empty field but Z level below my base, and there are walls.
I didn’t know it would grow so big so i never planned for it and so it turned out this way.

The issue here isn’t the items, i don’t have a problem starting from start, the issue is if i’ll be able to hoard like that on experimental and how feasible is it to move a part of the items on different setups.
For example i may want to play something different and load up a different mod in a new world and i want to have some items there and not start from nothing every time.

At one point i picked up glass shards too because it looked nice to have them piled up in one area but then i stopped because they take the longest to pick up or drop. Mostly glass shards, dirty clothes and bodies are the only things i don’t pick up with some exceptions like kevlar.

In my case it was actually on an empty field (I’ve taken over a farm) and I’ve planned to get that stuff there (pre-autosort). Man, I hated and loved that save equally.

Anyway, yes, moving things will be difficult. As said, the issue can be somewhat smoothed by the stated trick, but it’s still going to be a hassle (unless you move your whole base including the overmap tile(s) it’s on, as you’ve suggested, and that has its hassles on their own).

Previously dropping the stuff was an issue after picking everything up, now it’s the picking up that causes problems… eh, it’s complicated either way.