Auto pickup

Well, I have a few questions about auto pickup.

What does the global and character tabs mean?

What does I/E mean?

And I can’t seem to pick up crossbow bolts…

Feel free to post here if anyone else has questions also.

i too am having a hard time figuring out how auto pickup works.

There is already other post about it.
There is already in game information about it.

Pick up option allow players to pick item from the ground at his feet into his inventory, without the need to hit your keyboard (like, with [,])
a message in the chat will notice you that you have picked up some item (in the same when way when it say you have item at your feet when you steep into)
First, go in option and set it to ON.
After that, press [?] in game and then [3] to get full option for pickup.
Global tab mean rule here apply to all your caracteres. the second tab apply the rule only to the caractere your using actually.

Then you need to create rules.
It’s just a few letter/word.
Say, you want to pick up rock ;
so just write [rock].
Say you want to pick ALL type of arrow,
so just write [*arrow]

Some item can’t be picked up actually, depend of what version you are using. In most, you can’t pick up item than containt more than the base name of the item : like Plastic bottle when it’s Plastic bottle of clean water, or when an item is damaged (often happen with arrow).

You can [T]est your rule in the menu where you add it. It will show all item that you will pick up with this rule.

I auto-pickup damaged arrows without a hitch.


(Also grabs vegetable marrow…)

It’s Include and Exclude. I should probably add a note et the top of the screen.

As HeadWar said.

*arrow would pickup arrows and also marrows
now you could add a second rules:
Include: *arrow I
Exclude: marrow E

In the current dev build, items like torn, shredded, etc are not picked up, im going to fix that

Ahhh, that’s what it does. You toggle it with a command along the lines of Activate/Deactivate, don’t you? Kind of misleading, I used it to just inactivate a rule that I didn’t want to use all the time. (Worked, but not because it did what I thought it did…)