Auto pickup feature

Ok so ummm how does it work? i’m truly confused, you can change parameters in the ? menu but what does it actually do and how? i’d like some examples since i’m kinda retarded :slight_smile:

*rrow let you pick all itme with “rrow” at the END of the name of the item.
rock let you pick up rock. etc.

rock [Disable after you get enought]
aluminun can*
tin can*

whatever you need. * mean the game won’t use filter.
Everything is writted in game.
Press ?
Press 3
Read. :slight_smile:

PS : Depend of the build you use some item tend to do not work, like arrow for build 0.6-531, or Like build 7.1-52 don’t allow pick up “clean water” in bottle but build 7.1-26 do.

First, you have to enable the auto pickup feature in the options menu ‘?2’.

Then you can add rules to match items by their name. Go to the Autopickup Manager ‘?3’.

When you 'A’dd a new rule, a new line with ‘’ will appear.

Navigate with left,righ,up,down through the menu.
In the right collum you can specify if it is an Include or Exclude rule.

Press Enter/Return to edit the rule or change between include/exclude.

You can 'T’est which items match the current rule.

Here is the ingame hint when editing a rule. * Matches any character.

* is used as a Wildcard. A few Examples:
wood arrow    matches the itemname exactly 
wood ar*      matches items beginning with wood ar
*rrow         matches items ending with rrow
*avy fle*fi*arrow     multible * are allowed
heAVY*woOD*arrOW      case insesitive search

These should be rather selfexplanatory, if you need a specific example let me know.

You can switch pages with ‘Tab’. The General Tab applys to all your characters.
The Character Tab has rules only for the charracter your currently playing and
will be deleted if the character dies.

Other features.
'C’opy the selected rule.
'M’ove the selected rule between the Global/Character Tab.
'D’isable and 'E’nable a rule.

K now i get it, thanks for the heads up, it looks like a mighty usefull tool for us lazy cataclysmers :slight_smile: