Auto Pick Up Eggs not working

I have a global list of items in auto-pickup, so when I scavenge it just picks most everything up automatically. I have added eggs a few different times, but don’t seem to be able to get it to work. Not sure if it’s a bug or I’m just doing something stupid, I have been able to get everything else to work… pine boughs, wild herb, wild veggies, etc… just not eggs.

Yeah reptile eggs (fresh) and bird eggs (fresh) just won’t work with the auto-pickup. Does the ‘(fresh)’ have something to do with it? Ithought prefixes and suffixes didn’t need to be added, and addidng fresh doesn’t work. When I (T)est the line to see if it has reptile/bird eggs listed, it does… but just won’t auto pick them up.

just a guess, but you probably don’t want to pickup rotten eggs anywhere near as much, it’s at least worth testing to see.

Well apparently ‘bird eggs (fresh)’ does work, it just doesn’t show up when you (T)est it, so i thought it wasn’t working. I didn’t realize you could (M)ove from char to global, as I thought I had looked before… I’m a noob sorry.

Is it not showing anything under (T)est a bug?