Allow players to tie off a rope to suitable anchor points

I decided to play something a bit different than I normally do and started on the roof of an apartment complex. I picked the survivalist start for the knife and skills and got a base of operations set up for clearing my way down the building. But I got to thinking when I saw the railings on the balcony. If I were in that situation, I would want to tie off my rope to the railing and have an easier way down. It would be nice if you could use ropes like that, and make longer ropes or sheet ropes.

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I believe if you craft a grappling hook you can safely climb down and up pretty much everything you normally would be able to attempt most of the time, though being able to use ropes to tie things on would no doubt be useful.

Grappling hooks require advanced equipment, hence my suggestion.


You could probably cannabalize the grappling hooks code to implement this pretty quick with limited coding knowledge. Probably wouldn’t be too hard as most of the work is already done.

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