ASCII vehicle are displaying capital letters

I’m playing Version 0.E-6063=gd7d885f Build 11016
I play using ASCII as I’ve been playing since before tiles and I can just get more info from it at a glance. I’ve noticed some sections of the vehicles are showing as T’s and B’s. Is this an intentional change? Is ASCII still being supported at this point? (just wondering cause I could see ASCII going away eventually) I’ll throw some screentshots up below.
Weird Vehicle

Vehicle parts are showing whichever symbols are assigned to them.

With the recent experimental build, the drawing of the vehicle has become terrible. I don’t know where the door is and the “T” symbol is very ugly because it doesn’t rotate.

Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing too.

Somebody done broke somethin’! :anguished:

I think, should set “looks_like” so that tilesets that don’t support new parts will still look fine. Even if you are not using tiles, you should still get the same look as in the past by using the symbols of parts set in “looks_like”.

for exomple:

  "id": "windshield_horizontal_front",
  "looks_like": "windshield",

looks_like will do nothing for ascii since it doesn’t use any sprite.

This is still an issue. Doors look like corner pieces in many instances.

open an issue on github

Would that be better?

Or rather this?

The former. The one with the v’s at the front instead of just flat. IMHO.