Various off-center view bugs in ASCII

When using no tileset in the Tiles launcher there are a bunch of things drawn off-center. There are a couple issues on the github but they’re listed separately and I think they should be part of one larger issue. I’ve made one, and tried to make another but it got marked as duplicate. Some github issues are at the bottom. Things like vehicle crosshairs, open door highlights, examine highlights, damage animations (fixed recently), and similar views in ASCII are all off center, likely from calculations with the sidebar from what I can tell.
This is my request to treat all these issues as one greater issue that needs to be squashed out methodically, as I’ve already seen one of these problems fixed (animations). It’s pretty annoying to play on ASCII right now and I would be very grateful if all of these visual problems could be fixed.

This is so disorienting. I thought I could work around it by fiddling with the in-game sidebar options but it didn’t work.

This pull request should fix most of our issues.

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Merged, yippee! Thanks!