Are we in feature freeze?

If so someone should update

I’ve currently got version 5880. Is the current experimental the same in terms of features as this one? Kind of don’t want to abandon this character yet.

Just back up the save and graveyard folder and put them back when you update. This allows you to continue playing the same world* (not just character) when you update.

*The world will still be generated with the same settings but what was already loaded might change otherwise.

Bump for information.

I’m wondering about this myself, even whilst not understanding exactly Feature Freeze is. I have definitely spent by far the most time playing Cataclysm DDA out of any computer/video game that is an unfinished state…except maybe for Dwarf Fortress.

It’s not unfinished, it’s in a constant state of improvement :wink:

Perpetual alpha status due to feature creep being embraced as core design philosophy.

Tomatoe, tomato.

If this is an alpha then it is one of the most complete and stable ones ever made.
Besides being “unfinished” and in constant development is very common - i dare say almost a tradition at this point - for the roguelike genre. Traditions are good and need to be preserved.

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, this “alpha” is better in every way than 90% of the COMPLETE videogames I own. More engrossing, more addictive, more open, more FUN. And I do mean in “every way”, including stability. Sure, Cataclysm even in 0.C throws the occasional massively frustrating freeze/crash my way…but it does it nowhere near as often as any recent Elder Scrolls or Fallout game (I’m a big Bethesda fan, but who isn’t).

I think that something like the way another great freeware roguelike, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, describes itself–been technically finished for years or even approaching a decade, but is still constantly being improved and enhanced and tweaked with new releases annually–would probably be more accurate to describe the state of Cataclysm. But “perpetual alpha status due to feature creep being embraced as core design philosophy” works for me too; I understand the need to self-deprecate (actually, I’m not sure that even is deprecating come to think of it, it might just literally be another way of looking at it).