Are Vechicle breakes too powerfull now?

Driving very slightly modified Pickup, in perfect condition, biggest difference is fact its loaded with stuff and now weights ~2,4t. While going by road, 104km/h, suddenly zombie horde appears, with 2 spooky juggernauts. I reduce expected speed to 0, and press . once. My speeds drops to 37km/h. Pressing . once again and i stopped moving. My character had 5 driving skill if that matters. This most likely has something to do with vehicle speed rework. Annyone experiencing similar behaviour in contrast to the past?

A quick google shows the average driver/car will go from 60mph (~97km/h) to 0 in about 5 seconds. Your example is ~60-0 in about 9 seconds, but actually takes 12 because CDDA uses 6 second time segments.
So if anything, brakes might be a bit weak right now, if you were on a paved surface and it took that long to stop. It’s probably the weight of your vehicle, though.

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I don’t know if the code supports that or not, but that would be a reasonable explanation as to why it took 12 seconds. I have an armored scout car on the way back from looting the next town over and I could have sworn it took 3 turns to stop. But it was heavy, fully loaded, and traveling I think 65. I will have to play with that and see if that really occurs that way.

If you compare breakes slowing time in seconds to real live equivalents, then sure, they might be even underpowered instead of overpowered. But CDDA time scale is very, very unrealistic in the first place. 1 turn has 6 secs. It takes 6 seconds to swing a sword. 18 seconds to aim a sniper rifle. 6 seconds to travel one tile, where 1 tile can be about 0,5m if we are talking buildings or vehicle dimensions, or 20m if we talk gun range. But most of the time, 1 turn is build to act and feel like 1 IRL second.
So again, what makes car breakes now OP? Its the fact that you can drive at insanely dangerous speeds, but when you relize you fucked up, you need only 2 turns to compleetly stop vechicle. If you drive at resonable, everyday speeds, it takes one turn to stop. And it was not like this before.

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Yeah, stopping times seem to be fine, but stopping distance seems way too short. That average ~5 second stop from 60-0mph should take about uhhh 500 feet? (152 meters) I forget and I can’t be arsed to look it up again, but that sounds totally believable so let’s go with it.
I mean, the distance of one tile is hard to gauge, but I’m pretty sure 500 feet is more than the six tiles it takes to stop an RV loaded to 7,000lbs (3175kg) without the handbrake, much less the zero(!) it takes with the handbrake.
Really good brakes are handy for a game with controls like CDDA’s, but that may be downright silly.

I agree this is a bit off.
There are two major systemic contributors to this:
6 second turns are way too long and things should feel a lot better once they’re shortened to 1s.
Vehicle speeds when measured in tiles are still way low. One second turns will help with this, and increasing view distance would as well.

Additionally, I suspect that the brakes are just OP and need to be nerfed. The good news is this should be simple to write a unit test for.


So how will turns work if you implement 1s turns? Everything will look like odd won’t it? If everything in the game is geared towards 6 seconds. The timing will be wonky for mods etc that aren’t maintained but still popular.

Theres a consistent bias in the game toward scaling tactical actions (combat mostly, but also non-combat movement) around one “turn”. The problem is one turn is 6 seconds, which is nuts. Changing the duration of a turn to 1s would just mean that scaling is applied more reasonably. Long term actions like crafting are instead specified in minutes, and those wouldn’t change.

Cool. How would this effect unloading bullets from large ribbons, tank machine guns etc?

i dunno I can stop pretty fast in my car IRL, night instantly at like 50 odds.

At 100+ I can only imagine it take you gentlely pressing on the break to take a big chunk out of your momentum for about 5 seconds down to about 50 (remember 5 full seconds counted out low is quite slow)

Then from there you could safely break sudden, it wouldn’t feel too great and u might skid about 5-10 meters but otherwise it wouldn’t be too bad at all.

Otherwise instead of breaking sudden just break hardish and it’ll come to a stop in about 2 full seconds tops,

So about 7 seconds it should take safely.

Unless it was a modern car of course :wink: ABS/Traction Control doesn’t stop the same way standard (old fashioned) brakes do. Very little skidding and loss of control.

Not really. Here’s a video with some examples of the new braking systems.

Lot of euro and all were business class and larger. Completely different systems. Depending on setup not all axles have ABS And a lot of those were older as well.

Watch the tires still moving. THIS is modern abs.

Then theres a wet track test.

These are older systems and trac control tests but you get the idea.

Plus these have SRS systems as well to protect occupants as an off subject.

Edit: i think its a combo between actual tile distance and seconds per turn throwing the “real feel” off for people.