Brake efficiency

Can something be done with how fast vehicles brake? This is just too advantageous and not realistic. Any vehicle, even buses, manage to break from high speed to full stop in 2 seconds. Never saw that IRL.

There’s already a discussion about this over here:

Yes this is what I mean. I’m not asking for ‘realism’, because in CDDA towns are 5 mn walking distance apart and such … But at least make it slightly less ‘OP’ to brake on the spot, as you wish.

I’m sure I will regret it when I crash in a wall with my car, but CDDA is a lot about !FUN! :slight_smile:

The thing is, braking efficiency is strongly related to the size of visible world bubble.
If it would take you 20-30 tiles to stop at a given speed, that speed would effectively be suicidal to drive at. Simply because you would be unable to avoid running into a tank drone or a chicken walker.

Well, it’s the Zombie apocalypse… It’s probably a bad idea anyway to drive at 100 km/h (~70 mph) over the (non existent) highway. Unless you cleared and secured it, of course (which would makes this discussion pointless).

There will always be something “wrong”, whatever we go with. As it was posted in the mentioned other thread, “the timing might be right, but the distance traveled is wrong”.
However, I also agree that you can’t assume 1 tile = 1 sqm, unless the walls in New England are really 1 meter thick and people take swings at each other while one meter apart (thinking of which, that Zombie horde is really spaced out well, isn’t it?).
Also, our (re-/)actions are done in milli- or even microseconds. We don’t have that precision in the game. So, from my point of view (and keeping in mind that it’s a game), I’m totally fine assuming that our character actually started breaking much earlier.

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