Are there any mods that get rid of the risque items?

my teacher has taken interest in CDDA after i drew some pictures based on things that happened to me during my runs. He wants me to download it onto his laptop tomorrow, but there is a problem. im afraid he might find objects like the vibrator, bondage mask, bondage suit, and condoms. are there any mods that remove these objects?

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There is one, i dont remeber the name, but one, i dont know if it still works, and two i think it only removed the vibrator and the erotic things, maybe the drugs too

Maybe redirect him to Unreal World? It’s a pseudo-historical survival based on Finland in the late Iron Age.

Otherwise, is the problem that your teacher might want to use it or recommend it to other students and he can’t do that if there’s dodgy content in it? Or it the problem that he’ll find out that you’re playing games with (very slight) dodgy content? If the latter, then he probably already knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

im just worried things will get awkward when he encounters one of the objects ingame. he isn’t recommending it to other students

I wouldnt worry about it that much if he can stand zombies and mutants a bit of real life wont hurt him.


I think you’re worrying about nothing here. I think some of the descriptions for monsters and NPC dialogue is way more offensive than any equipment that’ll be lying around. Don’t forget, it’s possible to dismember a corpse and use it as a packmule. I think that trumps any kinky sex paraphernalia lying around. Speaking of paraphernalia, you’re worried about the bondage gear but not the various illegal drugs? Also, don’t be down on condoms, they haven’t invented a better way to carry vast quantities of large volume liquid containers yet. I’ve always got a few on hand.