Are the ants too weak?

I know that ants have always been creatures that crush numbers (except acid ants. they are all dangerous), but they cant fight vs zombies, because they xant see they… (also why do ants lose to mycus… IS it THAT easy? 1 an infected ant can infect the ENTIRE anthill… ants can not even stand the existence next to the mushroom form of life, and they themselves grow. It took 17(!) hours to completely infect an ENTIRE ANTHILL. )

something needs to be done about the ants. how to implement, for example, the good old pheromones. “Oh, there’s an enemy here! I will use a special attack that creates a strong breath talking about the enemy, and even if I manage to kill the enemy myself and my friends come running, the breath will soon dissipate, and this will not cause an incredible chain of death.” although this will not solve the problem with the mycus (1 ant destroyed an entire anthill. I still don’t understand why mushroom ants are stronger than normal ones)

Thats really creepy. 1 infected ant when attack normal ant infect him with 20%, and infect all ants in 1 tile radius when die. Thats turn mass-enemies… into food for mycus

Read about Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, its a real life mushroom what parasites on ants and turn colonies of them into zombies) i think its pretty realistic what mutant muschrooms is so deadly to ants and much for everything living else

I am a fairly knowledgeable person in the field of biology, so I have long known about parasitic fungi in ants. I am more struck by the fact that a mushroom ant is literally stronger than a NON-mushroom ant, not because of the 20-30% chance of instantly infecting another ant, mushroom ants even kill simple ants in a 1 on 1 battle. mycus is basically an extremely broken faction that you can play for, which I’ve talked about many times (mostly because it completely removes such problems as food, water and a place to sleep), but they are still weak against cities teeming with dead people, literally walking and rotting compost, but incredibly strong against still live and quite working ants. this is very strange (although from a balance point of view I understand the reason). it would be nice to make ants a little more immune to fungal infections