Random crates?

Several times in game, I have found random crates in places ranging from an open street to a field in the middle of nowhere. They seem to contain random items, ranging from medical supplies and drugs to explosive ordnance. Each crate has a ‘theme’, meaning it only has one type of item - you won’t find drugs and dynamite in the same crate. Does anyone know what’s up with these? Are they care packages or something? They are helpful however you look at it, though; they can give you just what you need, or something to play around with.

They are air-dropped aid/supply packages IIRC.

Lucky git. I’ve never found a full crate. :frowning:

Thanks. That’s what I figured, I just wanted to make sure.

The crates in the LMOE shelters seem to all be empty.

[quote=“youtoo, post:5, topic:1572”]The crates in the LMOE shelters seem to all be empty.[/quote]On two occasions, I have found a couple crates in LMOE shelters to have a couple cans of beans in them, though I had to smash through the other empty crates with a sledgehammer to get at them.

They aren’t always empty, but their loot is pretty anemic compared to the military supply crates you encounter.

I’ve found FEMA camps have pretty good crates in the military tent, seem to always be (from top to bottom)

Medical Supplies
Vehicle Parts/Tools

I don’t even touch FEMA and LMOE camps nowadays, due to bad past experiences (IE zombies pouring out of nowhere and removing my arms). I didn’t know they had crates as well.

LMOE are great, guns, med supplies, tools, canned food.

Never had any problems with enemies in them.

[quote=“Vorpal2, post:10, topic:1572”]LMOE are great, guns, med supplies, tools, canned food.[/quote]I’ve found a bunch of guns in an LMOE shelter that I’m currently using as a base. Though if you find guns, you generally have to haul in your own ammo, and vice versa.

I’ve always considered them to be firewood for my wood stove. :slight_smile: