Anyone successfully complete Jesse Isherwood's second mission? ("Kill Monster")

I’ve been sent to kill a monster from the Isherwood farm. It takes me to a tile in the upper-right corner of the Isherwood area, but there’s nothing nearby but a couple of pitbulls. Searching through the code, it’s a mon_polyp_flying, and searching through the save data, as far as I can tell, any polypoids on my save seem to have dispersed to the four corners. I tried getting to the one with coordinates closest to me, but it seems to be flying ten z-levels above me and not detecting me. Has anyone successfully completed this mission?

This a known bug right now. Flying creatures just like to go straight up and stay there.


maybe try turning on the view experimental z levels in the debug options, and just shooting it with a rifle? I think you can set the height, so set it to >= 10 levels so you can see it, and there’s plenty of rifles with 30-ish range, so it should be doable.

I did try that, but I couldn’t see more than three or so z-levels up. I just debug-menu’d the mission to completion and went on with my life in the apocalypse.

4 levels is the default z-level signt range, but you can increase it in the debug menu.

Sure, I set it arbitrarily high, but everything was occluded more than ~five levels up. It was possibly getting dark, I didn’t note what time it was by the time I was at this point.