Any tips for thriving when playing with pk's rebalance?

I just keep dying after three or five days, i have lost 34 characters today and i don’t know what to do.

You die because zombies, weather or food? And with hordes or no?

git gud. But yeah what in particular are you dying from.


i start as a hobo in the city. i usually die on the first night. but then as easily die on the second.

my priorities are:

  • get weapon that blocks
  • get lighter
  • find warmth
  • craft armor and a backpack
  • get a car
  • get food
  • get booze and morale items

I’ve been playing recently as well. the woods are always fun

I die because a pig bleeded me to death (13 times), acid rain induced pain, incredibly huge spawnrate of zombies (static spawns) and lack of a stationary/mobile base.

Also roaming demons :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:!!!

My loadout is:

Scenario: Challenge FEMA death camp

Profession: Soldier Recruit



  • Light Step
  • Light Eater
  • Less Sleep
  • Night Vision
  • Packmule
  • Robust Genetics


  • Animal Discord
  • Glass Jaw
  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Lightweight
  • Poor Hearing
  • Truth Teller
  • Weak Stomach


STR 12
DEX 12
INT 10
PER 12


1 point melee
2 point dodge

I also heard that pk’s rebalance makes dodge succ.

Boars hate fire.

Acidic rain is annoying. I can tune it down a little, but I’d like to actually have it rewritten. Ive tried before.

Static spawns are your own fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Roaming demons are a thing.

This is my average pk’s rebalance experience 100% legit.

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If you plan to keep doing that scenario. Run like hell to the woods and try to find a place outside of any towns to hole up and train up.

For me only when dealing with demons.

what about the damn infection huh?


They can be cauterized. You can make a homebrewed antiseptic with a little survival skills.

I did not know you get an infection from that scenario. (Probably didn’t read it all the way) Stay at the edges of towns and try to avoid big trouble if possible and hope you find a first aid kit or antibiotics from either a house or ambulance.

Cauterizing only works with bites.
But I forgot about the home brew although it’s only for being if options 1-3 are unavailable.

Yes i generally pray to RNGesus for that sweet medkit/antibiotics and i double pray so i won’t get noticed by some random shady douche nor a shocker whatever.

I just uploaded a reduction in wildlife spawns. Give it a go.

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Just remember that just because you have an infection doesn’t mean you can’t sprint.

Fire is how you kill things you can’t fight.

Light a fire under a small tree and lead zeds onto it.

Or a bush but you need the means to make a fire first although lighters can be found fairly often in cars.

also the instant bloated wounds status you get logically because you have an nearly severed arm/leg that gives dex debuff makes me run slower + infection debuff + dehydration and hunger turns me into a boulder.

I end exactly at 34 speed.