Any news from non-mainlined mods?

right now im enjoying latest experimental build while waiting for news about non-mainlined mods (PK’s Rebalancing, Secronom, Cata++, Nechronica), because of recent update to monster flag refactor, most of non-mainlined mods i play got an error (invalid monster flag) and im waiting for it to get fixed…

any news?

Did you contact the mods maintainers?
If they don’t know it’s broken they can’t fix it.

its been a while i didn’t use github but yeah, i’ll try to contact the mod maintainers.

UPDATE : i don’t know if its normal but i saw some github page has issues that has been opened since a year ago and 0 replies there.

usually posting the problem in the forum is second effective way to tell mod maintainers for me, but still github is the most effective one.

idk if this helps but here is a link with a repertoire of mods
It gets updated once in a while by the user that made the repertoire, other than that i have no idea

looks like library of mods there… awesome.

bookmarked for in-case i want to try something new.