Any mod for adding ghosts?

I sudden thought struck me. we have zombies, horrors, plant monsters, and Eldridge abominations. There are dead people every where, but not a single ghost?

I was just wondering if there was a mod or something that added ghosts. But i don’t want just ghosts added like any other mob, i figure that cataclysm it at least flexible enough to do some interesting things with them.

For instance, make it so ghosts cant enter/ cross river tiles and tiles that have salt in/on them. That would make it possible for the player to make a salt circle for protection. You could also add things to the church’s like a water basin with water that has an player unknown ‘holy’ status. Much like how you have water and clean water.

Make it so the player can craft Incense arrows and rock salt buckshot.

Ghosts of course could move though walls but be tied to a building or object inside the building, or even a road. It would be interesting to pick up a object and being unable to drop it. You would not be able to destroy it, and if you drop it and walk away it silently re-adds itself to the players inventory when the object is off screen. Thankfully there are already churches and if they have a basin of holy water you could then drop the object into it.

if the player has a haunted object they would of course get harassed by the ghost, but because the player is carrying the object, the and the object/ghost is feeding on the player, incense arrows and salted buckshot would only dispel it for a time.

If the ghost is tied to an object the player never picked up, or is tied to a place or road (something the player cant pick up) the ghost WOULD be more vulnerable to incense arrows, ect.

Players carrying around a haunted object or in a haunted area could be harassed in different ways. Perhaps ‘You are woken up by strange sounds’, or ‘You wake up feeling like someone has been staring at you all night’

Perhaps if the players find the ghosts real dead body they could burn it to get rid of the ghost.

Basically we already has supernatural horrors but no haunting’s? Would any of this be possible? any one have any other thoughts or idea’s?

Perhaps suggestions or thoughts about how this could be improved or ‘thought experiments’ of what you as a player would try if you encountered a ghost or ended up with a haunted object. What you you try to rid yourself or an area of the ghost?

Sadly i highly doubt there is a mod that adds ghost’s/haunting as more then just another mob.

Nope, no ghosts as such. If you were to write one, it’d probably make it in as a mod.

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