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Outposts, silos and temples are not mandatory overmap specials (see occurrences node below - first number represents minimum number of overmap special on the overmap, second number represents maximum number of overmap special per overmap), so it is possible these won’t be generated on every overmap.

        "type" : "overmap_special",
        "id" : "Strangle Temple",
        "overmaps" : [
            { "point":[0,0,0], "overmap": "temple_stairs"},
            { "point":[0,0,-1], "overmap": "temple_stairs"},
            { "point":[0,0,-2], "overmap": "temple_stairs"},
            { "point":[0,0,-3], "overmap": "temple_stairs"},
            { "point":[0,0,-4], "overmap": "temple_stairs"},
            { "point":[0,0,-5], "overmap": "temple_finale"}
        "locations" : [ "forest", "swamp" ],
        "city_distance" : [20, -1],
        "city_sizes" : [0, 12],
        "occurrences" : [0, 3],
        "rotate" : false
        "type" : "overmap_special",
        "id" : "Missile Silo",
        "overmaps" : [
            { "point":[0,0,0], "overmap": "silo"}
        "connections" : [
            { "point" : [0,-1,0], "terrain" : "road" }
        "locations" : [ "wilderness", "swamp" ],
        "city_distance" : [30, -1],
        "city_sizes" : [4, 12],
        "occurrences" : [0, 1]
        "type" : "overmap_special",
        "id" : "Military Outpost",
        "overmaps" : [
            { "point":[0,0,0], "overmap": "outpost"}
        "locations" : [ "wilderness", "swamp" ],
        "city_distance" : [4, -1],
        "city_sizes" : [4, 12],
        "occurrences" : [0, 10],
        "rotate" : false


Done some quick testing with the new world with the same options and mods as my current one.

Mansions are OK, ant hills are OK, generated with special rooms. Temples are present, with 2-3 temples per overmap. One outpost generated after revealing two overmaps. No silos yet. Mineral veins are plentiful. I just wonder where all that stuff is in my world.

Map is still glitchy with ant tunnels. Can’t see normally what’s inside them after some point (?) Don’t know exactly what’s causing this.


Yes, that was reported earlier -, but noone fixed that yet.


Not exactly what I’m talking about, though the problem you’re referring to is present.

I’m talking about visual glitches.

…moving left…


Ah, here it is. The thing I’ve been talking about.


One out of three mansions generated properly while still being on the same overmap.


Is it a new world created in latest experimental? Can you provide zip of saved game or at least list of mods in the world?


No, I haven’t found any broken mansions in the new world. I have been referring previously to this issue.


Yes, I saw similar screenshots earlier. These mansions are broken because they were generated while overmap generator was broken. We had this bug, but it was fixed already, so what do you want now, exactly? :slight_smile:


I just wanted to know why this single mansion has been generated normally, while others have not. That’s all. It’s not that important and I do feel stupid for spending a lot of posts on this trivial matter, but still.


The answer is: that was a bug which wouldn’t necessary affect all of generated mansions.

You can do some research with older CDDA versions:


I’ve just damaged 31 frames in my 15-ton truck, with around 10 lost completely (turned gray) as I hit a single wooden crate at 40 km/h. A military composite ram (the one that took the hit) is also gray now.



Theres a reason the custom build vehicles tend to have the over large bumper that curls in on its self at the ends. I would say its less to take advantage of the code querk as to prevent the obnoxious-nous of that kind of thing.


Funny that you say that, since my truck got damaged all the way to the middle of the vehicle. That’s about 10 tiles (in a row!). Don’t suppose a bumper of 1-2 tiles in width could’ve changed anything.


Hmm might not have, the build is actually to keep any tiles from breaking off, as no tile will break off if it will split the car into multiple pieces. As such if part of the bumber curves back out of the way of being damaged, then it can not break. Would not solve the shock damage to the rest of the vehicle, except I think there is some kind of air gap formula that would mean that empty spaces reduce damage to objects on the other side from the collision.


Nah, no parts have broken off from my ride. Just turned gray-ish.