Ants and stuff. Also, game Map. Also, WorldGen

Yeah I had a character die while going 0mph and stuck on a bush in a firetruck. It was when I first started playing, and I found a working firetruck, so I got in and started going in circles in a field. It got stuck on a bush and the firetruck stopped, so I pressed forward to accelerate a bit and I tried to move and it wouln’t move… so I tried to accelerate more and then move and then all of a sudden I died from my head going to 0hp lol.

Should’ve used seatbelt and drive safely.

Yeah @Rose Sounds like those areas where all generated during a bad period in the code, you can try moving away from areas near what you’ve already explored, just pick a direction and go untill your far from where old stuff generated and the game is forced to generate new content thats up to date and not so glitched, although it sounds like you might still be running an older version maybe?

Do you have the CDDA launcher? It helps alot.

alternatively to going full nomad and leaving the area you could also see the threads about moving a character to a new world, and maybe a vehicle too? Though I think thats much more complicated.

Yeah, I could move away, but I’ve already built a house for myself with lots of loot and I’m a bit reluctant to move all my stuff, though that house is more of a storage shed than ‘home sweet home’. So yeah, I do know about the world generation depending on the code and errors in it too, but all the mansions I’ve seen lately are generated in a somewhat glitchy way, and this does not help with empty dungeons and the lack of ore veins from the mining mod.

I’m running one of the latest versions, I do have a CDDA Launcher, and I use it to keep the game up-to-date every two to three days. So yeah, if the code has been fixed, the mansions should return to normal at some point.

Though, question here is: how far does the world generate itself? I’ve used some road maps and tourist guides on this playthrough and I’m not aware whether they are going to make all the mansions around the roads glitchy too.

Start a new game or travel to any unrevealed overmap in any direction.

Yeah it was like my 2nd run ever or something like that… quite a long time ago now and I’ve learned a lot since then. I don’t think I was even aware of seat belts at that point lol :blush: .

Yes, CDDA is not action-oriented game and you basically should behave like you would in real life.

Can’t see how that helps. Or was than an answer to me?

By the way, where are other locations like military outposts, missile silos, mines and temples? Where should one look for them? Also, Sarcophagus Access Codes. How do I even get them?

When you reveal roads with a map(survivor mop, restaurant guide, etc.), does that count as part of revealed overmap? I can’t quite wrap my head around how this part of the game works, even though I think you’ve told me before.

Well, the maps also reveal banks, pizza parlors, gas pumps and other stuff, so yes…? Maybe?

The right way to put it will be like this: when using the road/restaurant map, does the world become generated once and for all for miles around you, or only certain map tiles do? If I don’t use a map, am I going to see the same picture as after when I’ve used it?

Overmap is generated as soon as you try to address something on it or move into it. Overmaps with revealed terrains are fully generated.

@Rose I’ve seen games where you reveal part of the map, the game crashes and you go back to reveal the same part, but it is completely different than before the crash… but this is without having used a map or Evac PC.

Ah OK, that makes sense.

Completely? Partially? If the roads and revealed banks/cafes/gas stations from the tourist guide indicate that that particular region is a large city, and then I decrease the City Size counter to zero and move there personally to reveal the whole picture, what is it going to look like?

Generated overmap won’t be changed.

…Only the revealed buildings? at 0 is there still towns? if so maybe a couple houses here and there.

I don’t understand. How does it come then that mansions have been OK at first, and then suddenly became broken then, if the road map has already forced the overmap to be generated at the places where I see the crippled mansions now?

What exactly you do not get?

While overmap generation was broken all overmaps were generated broken. Broken overmaps could contain mansions partially replaced with houses. After (and if) overmap generation was fixed all overmaps were generated properly.

I mean that yeah, it could have been that I’ve used the road maps at the point when the code has been broken. It just seems unlikely to me, since I’ve used the early on and after that I’ve met normal mansions a couple of times. So it looks like while some parts of the map have been generated normally, while others have not.

Start a new game in new world using latest experimental version, start revealing overmaps using Debug menu, search for broken mansions and report back if you find one.

Okay. But how am I supposed to report the lack of outposts, silos and temples in my current world?