Announcements for translators

Profession names refactoring.

Now profession name has 2 contexts: profession_male, profession_female. You need to translate both names even it’s a same in your language.
And profession description text has 2 context too: prof_desc_male and prof_desc_female.

Messages in newchar -> Profession is changed.
“Profession %1$s earns %2$d point” -> Profession name in this message is printed already in gender context. Keep in mind this.
Same thing for “Press %1$s to switch to %2$s(female).” So it’s very likely that you don’t need to translate male/female words in this message.

Motd and credits can be translated.

data/en.motd - is English template.

When you translate this file put new one in to data/motd
Filename should look like that "ll_LL.motd"
For example French: fr.motd. or Chinese (Simplified) zn_CN.motd

Same for credits.

I need to setup Language option to your language(not system) to see result.